What are people saying about Mrs. Moore’s Tutoring?

“Mrs. Moore was an outstanding tutor. She was very organized, very familiar with what I needed to prepare for doing a literature review. She was very attentive to my learning.”
Diane B, Jacksonville, Florida

“Mrs. Moore, Your weekly dedication helped many of my students improve this year.”
Lynne Molina, teacher, Saint Mary’s County School System

“Mrs. Moore has taught me so much, and she is devoted to her students.”
Queshaun James, student, College of Southern Maryland

“Her ability to meet Developmental students at their level and inspire them to advance to their full potential is a great gift and one that comes from within.”
Michelle LaCroix, Professor and Coordinator of English, College of Southern Maryland

“[My daughter] is enjoying [tutoring]. It is stimulating and she is learning a lot of new things.”
Cindy Tenicela, parent, Silver Spring, Maryland

“Mrs. Moore is a wonderful teacher. She will teach you everything you need to know about English…Each and every class is beneficial and will make you a stronger writer.”
Ariel Spriggs, student, College of Southern Maryland